The effect of visual penetration in the design of heritage Islamic house at Sulaimani city , in (1900-1940)

Abdullah Tayib, Kani M. Saleh [Architectural Department - University of Sulaimani]

Received :1/9/2014, Accepted : 3/6/2015

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The traditional housing at Sulaimanyah city belongs to the 2nd half of the 19thcentury , These house were responded with the climate requirements , habits , social traditions and economic conditions . these were formed as extension for the past periods by using the architectural elements and constructions materials . The interior court House with inside direction house was the famous prevalence form , we realize closing for the outside in the interior court and opening to outside by using special treatment which were developed with time . All these changes and evolved treatments were done without documentation it or studied or take the knowledge about the purpose of doing it from those objectives our research started to study visual penetration treatments bases and types. The theory study part intake Studying planning of the traditional house , the house planning elements , visual penetration concept , classification houses unit according to visual penetration effects , privacy concept , the aim of privacy and clarify the rules for inquiring the privacy and prevent the visual penetration in the Islamic traditional house. According to these data we started the practical study by using analyses on the elected samples that represented from the research time (1900–1940) , the analyses was done by using the Graphic Form and collecting the results at special table and finding the final conclusions and giving the recommendations that assimilate the mechanisms and the Types of the Treatments.

KEYWORDS: Visual penetration, heritage housing, visual privacy, openings