Originality in Urban Personality An Analytical Study for the Role of Transformation to Authenticate the Urban Form- Iraq-Kurdistan Region as a Case Study

Raz Saeed Faraj [Architectural Department - University of Sulaimani]

Received :17/4/2014, Accepted :3/6/2015

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The urban product carries the personal characters of communities that have been inhabited in. it is supposed to reveal their principles and values .So the urban form that reflects this character honestly to the recipient, it must be described as an original product, reflecting the present and integrated with the past.

Many studies deal with Originality in different fields : philosophical and architectural , they deal with it as a way of creativity , new expressing for an old product , a new vision to the past, but it does not block in the old rigid frames . transformation is one of the essential signs of this period, the period of Globalization when we front informational, technological and economical transformations, in which all seem as reasons for expatriation and discontinuity with the roots and as challenges against originality. The studies showed an argument in limiting the relationship between originality and community personality and its relation with city’s personality and transformations impact in the city’s personality, therefore there is an urgent need to understand and consider all those challenges and re-evaluate existing and to put foundation and criteria, and to define the authentication or originality mechanisms and how to achieve that in the renewal projects in order to control the revitalization process toward the originality of the urban character.