The impact of modern educational curriculum to design the secondary schools

Banaz Nasraldeen.M [Architectural Department-University of Sulaimani]

Received : 7/7/2013 Accepted : 17/11/2013

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The reality of the expected developments and changes in the aims, philosophy of education, curriculums and the use of modern teaching aids technologies, make the review and evaluation of schools design the more necessary, and this ultimately will lead to their redesign. The suitable school building could be defined as that space that provide a good environment to all educational curriculums, and that which contribute to the building up of students personality. A good curriculum together with a good design will help in implanting a positive sense of values and creativity in the students. The aim of the design of secondary schools building is the provision of a suitable number of classroom spaces, laboratories and other functions that fulfill the requirements of any teaching syllabus (program), because the progress and development in the educational process requires saving the appropriate education, curricula and advanced design school procession with the modern development of the age.The final conclusions and recommendations to the research and the final results that were reached confirmed the research hypothesis and defined the remedial design criteria and the preparation of the functional program to the present and future design and according to present modern curriculum.

The recommendations emphasized the necessity of adopting new designs that fulfill the avers standards, according to modern curriculum for secondary schools instead of present design which proved to be unable to meet the requirements of modern curriculum of the various types of teaching spaces and it also emphasized the necessity to redesign the outside spaces and to consider them of on importance to the modern curriculum.