Architectural language in Erbil Castle-An analytical study of systems engineering for residential Building in Erbil Castle

Rana Fathi Aloomary [Architectural Department - University of Duhok]

Received : 2/6/2013, Accepted : 17/11/2013

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Erbil castle is the oldest one among all in the area and is still inhabited. It is situated within the borders of Islamic architectural principles hence it lived in the same circumstances that governed the area as of cities in Turkey, Syria, Iran and the rest of Islamic cities. When the Islamic architecture characterized by architectural unit, the concept of Islam emerged carrying diversity in countries that added its Islamic architectural touch in a way that gave it its privacy and was not free from its rudiments that made it an architectural unit besides the concepts and vocabulary on which the system of relations and the construction engineering for the Islamic architecture are based. Therefore, the problem of research can be specified as: the ambiguity of the construction engineering for what is related to the system of relations and the desirable dimensions between the levels of one part and other parts in Erbil castle. The study will demonstrate this through the following hypotheses:

1. The existence of a construction engineering based on the system of relations and dimensions that determine the architectural samples in Erbil castle

2. The architectural samples in Erbil castle get unified through the engineering system between the levels of one part, other parts and the whole for the architectural formation in its diverse parts and criteria.

KEYWORDS: Engineering language, residential houses, Erbil citadel, islamic architecture, relationship & dimension system.