Veterinary Anthelmintics and Anthelmintic Drug Resistance

Veterinary Anthelmintics and Anthelmintic Drug Resistance

Hiewa Othman Dyary1

1 Department of Basic Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine-Sulaimani University, Sulaimaniyah,-Iraq,

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Original: 17 June.  2015

Revised: 18 August. 2015

Accepted: 12 November.  2015

Published online: 20 March.  2016

Key Words:

Anthelmintic drugs
Anthelmintic resistance


Helminths are a diverse group of parasitic worms in the body of animals and human.
Infection of livestock with parasitic worms poses a great burden on the health of
animals that eventually leads to great losses in the productivity of these animals and
economic losses to the farmers. The control of helminthiasis is dependent almost
solely on the use of anthelmintic drugs, due to the ease of implementation and low
cost of therapy, compared to other methods of control. However, chemotherapy of
parasitic worms is burdened with such problems as the development of anthelmintic
resistance (AR). Many of the currently available anthelmintic drugs have been in use
for quite a long time and reports exhibiting the development of AR against them are
Improving livestock management and, hence, productivity is a requirement in order
to compensate for the increasing world population, which will eventually lead to
increased demands for animal products. The tackling of AR needs to implement such
methods as: (i) the systematic use of the currently available drugs, (ii) control of
animal pasture, (iii) promoting the breeding of animals that are naturally resistant to
certain types of helminths and (iv) development of new anthelmintic drugs by the
pharmaceutical industry that have novel modes of action. Although each of these
methods plays a part in the control program, chemotherapy will remain the
cornerstone in the control program of helminth infections. Hence, the continuous
supply of new antiparasitic compounds to the currently available anthelmintic pool
is the best strategy to be implemented in the fight against helminth infections.

Ramyar Abdolrahman Taimur Ismail,
Mar 20, 2016, 5:12 AM