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Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis for shear strength and behavior of Reinforced Concrete T-Beam with Openings in Both Web and Flange by ANSYS 14.5

1 Mr. Zana Abdalla Aziz , 2 Asst. Prof. Dr. Serwan Khurshid Rafiq

University of Sulaimani, College of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department

Received: 06/12/2018   ,   Accepted: 27/06/2019   , Published: 22/12/2019  

Abstract :   

In this study, a three-dimensional T-beam consisting of circular openings in web and/or in the flange with variable distances from the support is analyzed numerically. The beam is simulated and analyzed non-linearly by using computer software of ANSYS V.14.5. In the simulation, the calibration for the model is carried out by taking the effects of openings, including their numbers and locations in the beam, on the behavior of the beams in general and their shear strength in particular after comparing the results with the experimental work. Thirteen cases are studied for investigating crack patterns and load capacity accompanied with graphing load-displacement envelope for each case. From these in thirteen cases, a case is control beam which is penetrated with holes. The rest of the samples, however, contain openings in their webs and/or flanges with variable distances from the support. A parametric study is carried out on high strength concrete to compare it with normal concrete.

After the calibration, the numerical results of the load-displacement curve, crack pattern and ultimate load significantly matches the results obtained from experimental works. The results show a substantial decrease of load carrying capacity by up to 11.7% with a decrease in openings distance from support from d (effective depth of the T-beam) to (d/3). However, the capacity of the beam to carry load increases by 17.6% by reducing the space between the openings and the support to (d/4).


ANSYS (Finite Element Analysis), Openings in both flange and web, Reinforced concrete T-beams, Shear strength and behavior


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