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Implementing sustainability in architectural education in Iraq Mosul University as a case Study
1,a Eqbal S. Younus, 2,a Rawia M. Dabdoob

a Architecture Department, College of Engineering, University of Mosul

Received : 01/08/2018, Accepted : 30/09/2018 , Published : 1/5/2019
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     Sustainable architectural education has been one of the most important topics of interest to many researchers and architects, especially in various disciplines around the world. However, architectural education in most Iraqi universities has not cope with this sustainable global development trend. This in turn has made the local architecture far from sustainable development principles. Accordingly, research problem has been merged along the absence of sustainability knowledge in architectural education in Iraqi universities. This study aims to evaluate sustainability knowledge integrated in architectural education in order to achieve a healthy relationship between education and sustainable practices. This research focuses on Architectural Engineering Department in Mosul University as a case study. The research adopts quantitative approach that depends of survey conducting from the architectural academic lecturers, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and architects in profession field. The research concludes that syllabus of Architectural Engineering Department integrate some principles of sustainable architecture that are not comprehensive to the requirements of contemporary education. The research recommends that architectural education in Iraq needs to be developed to keep pace with the concept of sustainable development in accordance with the requirements of this era.


Implementing sustainability, architectural education, architectural department.

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