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The Influence of The Use of Heritage Elements in Contemporary Architecture - Studying The Mass Elements of The Façade of Public Buildings in Sulaymaniyah Between the Years 2003-2014
1Kani M. Muhammed,1Hendren H. Abdulrahman , 1Hawar T. Tawfeeq 

1University of Sulaimani, College of Engineering, Architecture Department

Received: 03/01/2018, Accepted: 06/05/2018

The history of human knowledge and thinking has proven that the theories, philosophies and approaches from the dawn of civilization to the present day are characterized by a relativity that is closely associated to time and place, and to the history and evolution of cumulative knowledge. While, Architecture is the mirror of its era, at all times in a specific societal context. The heritage, which architecture’s identification and distinctiveness is based on must continue and preserved to guarantee the continuity of the identity of societies. Sometimes we lose hope, when touring the city of Sulaymaniyah, finding an architectural composition linked to the city or connects us to it, is very rare. As if the place has no identity, nor historical roots. Architects were borrowing from architectural products that are outlandish to the local environment, even a literal copying of components. Consequently, the urban products emulates a completely different environment from the existence environmental or social realities. Despite the attempts of a small number of architects to use some of the elements of heritage to create a link between traditional architecture of the city and contemporary architecture, most of which were not at the required level. Due to the scarcity of full knowledge of the effects of architectural heritage elements on the concept of architecture.

From that perspective, this paper will explore and examines the impact of the use of most significant heritage elements in contemporary architecture of Sulaymaniyah. To determine the intellectual and philosophical dimensions of using the elements to promote a modern heritage architecture that simulates time and sustain continuity and achieve communicative impression with the historical and heritage background of local architecture. Several contemporary local buildings analyzed as samples, from different areas of Sulaimaniyah, built in the period (2003-2014).


Architecture Elements, Heritage, Contemporary Architecture, Communication.