A Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling For High Strength Fibrous Reinforced Concrete Beams

 Jaza Hassan Muhammad - M. Rauof Abdulqader, Department of Civil Engineering – College of Engineering - University of Sulaimani

Received : 16/06/2016
Accepted : 09/10/2016

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This paper presents a nonlinear 
finite element model to investigate 
the influence of steel fibers on the 
flexural strength of high strength 
reinforced concrete beams. Two methods had been 
used to model the steel fiber using ANSYS 14. In 
the first model the effect of steel fiber on the 
mechanical properties of concrete has been 
neglected, and the steel fiber considered as 
smeared reinforcement. In the second model the 
effect of steel fiber on the mechanical properties 
of concrete is considered in material modeling. 
The theoretical results were compared with the 
experimental result. And the variable present in 
both models was fiber volume fraction (0.00, 0.75, 
and 1.5) %. The experimental beams consist of 
high strength steel fiber reinforced concrete 
rectangular beams with sectional dimension ( 150 
x 100 ) mm and overall length (3000) mm simply 
supported, and loaded through two points 
loading, those beams are used for verification of 
the proposed models. 
Results showed that the first model is more 
reliable and compatible with experimental results 
than the second model. The analytical models also 
showed that increase in volume fraction of steel 
fiber improves the flexural rigidity and flexural 
strength of the high-strength fiber reinforced 
concrete beams.

KEYWORDS: high strength concrete, reinforced concrete beams, ANSYS 14, steel fiber, deflection