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The Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences SJES is a peer reviewed journal published by University of Sulaimani/ faculty of Engineering. The aim of the journal is to provide the readers with current knowledge and researches in the field of Engineering. The area of interest is opinions, reviews, researches, Engineering practices, case report and other relevant Engineering. The journal accepts manuscripts via the journal office directly or the e-mail address of the journal ([email protected]). The scientific work should solely belong to the author or authors and not be published previously in any other journal or currently sent to any other publishers. All manuscripts will be exposed to a referee process.

Editorial Board:

        Prof. Dr. Jalal A. Saeed  -  Editor-in-Chief

        Prof. Dr. Abdullah Yousif  Shkak  -  Editing Secretary


      Prof. Dr. Mohamed Raouf Abdulkadir       

      Asst. Prof. Dr. Asso Raouf Majeed

       Asst. Prof Dr. Hyam Saleh Daoud

Advisory Board:

      Prof. Dr. Hisham Khalid Ahmed

      Prof. Dr. Rafie Hashem Al-Suhaily

      Prof. Dr. Safeen Yaseen Ezeldeen    

      Prof. Dr. Muamel Allaaldeen Ibraheem

      Asst. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ismail Hamarash   

       Graphic Design by : Prof. Dr. Abdullah Y. Shkak. 
       Technical Manager : Dr. Ako Rashed Hama


        Contact Info:
Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences

Tel:     +964 (0)770 249 34 33