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JZS - Volume 17 - No. 4 , 2015

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NO.TitleAuthor(s)AbstractDOIPage(s)Publishing Date
On Simple Singular AGP-Injective Modules and AGP-Injective Rings with Some Types of Regular Rings Abdullah M. Abdul-Jabbar A ring R is called left AGP-injective if for any 0 ≠ a Î R, there exists a positive integer n such that an ≠ 0 and anR is a direct summand of rℓ(an)  51 - 62 December 20, 2015 
13 Spectrophotometric determination of Cobalt II with PAN using Flow injection technique Sherwan O. Baban A simple, rapid, reproducible and sensitive spectrophotometric method for determination of Cobalt (Co2+) was investigated .The method ...  127 - 142 December 20, 2015 
The Approximate Solutions of Helmholtz and Coupled Helmholtz Equations on Cantor Sets within Local Fractional Operator Hassan Kamil Jassim  In this paper, we proposed local fractional Laplace decomposition method to solve the Helmholtz and coupled Helmholtz equations on Cantor sets within local fractional operator.  19 - 26 December 20, 2015 
Some heavy Metal pollution investigation in Sulaimani province groundwater. Ali Bawasheakh Ahmad1, Akram. O. Esmail 2 The paper aims to go into the impact of some heavy metal contamination in the Sulaimani province groundwater for irrigation purpose. Water samples were collected from (36) locations in the study...  37 - 50 December 20, 2015 
17 Evaluation the Collisional Stopping power and Continuous Slow Down Approximation ranges for protons in Carbon  Sabah Mahmoud Aman Allah , Shahad Abdul Salam Shaban  The stopping power and CSDA ranges of energetic protons in carbon has been calculated using a model based on different theoretical approaches...  179 - 186 December 20, 2015 
Biomass production from Kluyveromyces spp. by using cheese whey Karzan T. Mahmood Cheese whey was used as a medium for producing yeast biomass from Kluyveromyces lactis DSM 70800 and Kluyveromyces fragilis. The best conditions for yeast biomass..  85 - 94 December 20, 2015 
19 Real Time Motion and Color Detection Fatima Kamil Faek & Velar Hikmet Elyas When using HD video cameras in stores a large storage space is needed. The required storage space can be decreased using motion and a color...  195 - 204 December 20, 2015 
12 Effect of Pro.Sol and Folicist on some vegetative growth Characters of Olive transplants (Olea europaea L.) cvs. Sorany and Picual (a)  Azad A. Mayi 1 ,Gulala M. A. Saeed2  This study was carried out during the growing season (2014) in Bakrajo Nursery Station/ Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region-Iraq. Uniform and healthy olive Olea europaea L.) cvs...  117 - 126 December 20, 2015 
16 A Novel Hybrid Technique for Exchange Rate Forecasting *Abbas Mohamed Salah, Tarik Ahmed Rashid & Shareef Maulod Shareef Exchange rate prices play a significant role in economic and financial systems. The precise forecasting of the exchange rate will aid ...  163 - 178 December 20, 2015 
20 Almost S_g- Continuity in Topological Spaces Halgwrd M. Darwesh1, Nawroz O.Hassan2 In the present paper, we introduce a new class of functions in between topological spaces, namely the class of almost s_g-continuous functions. Characterizations and basic properties of this class of functions are obtained as well as the relationships of it with some other classes of functions are studied.  205 - 216 December 20, 2015 
25 Finding minimum confidence threshold to avoid derived rules in association rule mining Nzar Abdulqader Ali Data in data warehouse often contains sensitive information, the concept of Privacy-Preserving has recently been proposed in response to the concerns of preserving sensitive...  269 - 278 December 20, 2015 
21 First principle structural and electronic properties of Sr3Sb2 compound of the cubic Phase Muhamad Hamad Abdullah1, Matin. Sedighi1, Mazin Sherzad Othman1, Behroz Mahmodi1 The structural and electronic properties of Sr3Sb2 at ambient and under hydrostatic pressure have been calculated using the full potential  217 - 224 December 20, 2015 
11 Some Properties of Binormal Operators Hadeel Ali Hassan In this paper we have introduced some classes of operators like class of normal operators and n-binormal operators and n-isometry operators on an infinite Hilbert  111 - 116 December 20, 2015 
24 Solving Two-dimensional Linear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind by Using Series Solution Methods Rostam K. Saeed & Karzan A. Berdawood  In this paper, we focus on obtaining an approximate solution of the two types of two-dimensional linear Volterra-Fredhom integral equations...  251 - 268 December 20, 2015 
Influence of Cultivars‚ Calcium Chloride and Periods on Fruit Storage Behavior of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Sarfaraz Fatah Ali Al-Bamarny1 & Azad Hassan Yonis2 Fruits of two local pomegranate cultivars (Sharmny and Hablary) were harvested during 2011 season; harvested fruits were dipped in 0, 2 and 4% CaCl2 for 4 minutes and   75 - 84 December 20, 2015 
23 Response of Growth, Yield and Yield Components of two Sunflower Varieties (Helianthus annuus L.) to Nitrogen Fertilization Shara Jalal Hama  A field study was conducted at spring 2013 in the experimental farm of the Faculty of Agricultural Science, University of Sulaimany at Bakrajo,...  239 - 250 December 20, 2015 
22 Soil Pollution Assessment from Industrial Area of Erbil City Shelan Mustafa Khudhur and Nashmeel Saeed Khudhur Present study assessed soil pollution by heavy metals and spent oil in three industrial areas of Erbil City. Soil pH ranged from 7.53±0.017 to..  225 - 238 December 20, 2015 
This study was conducted during (2013 -2014) season at Girda-Rash field, College of Agriculture, University of Salahaddin, Erbil governorate, Iraqi Kurdistan Region to study the effect of biostimulants as microbial inoculants Shler M. Taha1 & Ghazi Faiq Haji2 This study was conducted during (2013 -2014) season at Girda-Rash field, College of Agriculture, University of Salahaddin, Erbil governorate, Iraqi Kurdistan Region to study the effect of biostimulants as microbial inoculants   1-8 December 20, 2015 
18 Using Rubik’s Cube and a Modified LSB for Audio Steganography Kaziwa Saleh , Mihran Muhammad , Khanda Ahmed Nowadays steganography plays an important role in information security. There are various techniques to apply steganography; one such technique is Least Significant Bit (LSB)...  187 - 194 December 20, 2015 
15 Evolution, and phylogeny of herv-s family in some closely related primates Hawnaz Othman Najmalddin, Aso Ahmed Taher , and Shad Arif Mohammed Human endogenous retroviral element S-family (HERV-S) has been present within the human genome as well as various closely related primates..  151 - 163 December 20, 2015 
10 The Behaviour of confined granular soil loaded by a square footing Dhiaadin Bahaadin Noori Zangana This research involves the behaviour of confined granular soil supported by a square footing. A series of bearing capacity test....  95 - 110 December 20, 2015 
14 Effect of chelated iron, iron filings and sulfur on vegetative, yield and fruit characteristics of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch) Cv. Cadonca Shukri H. Salih Bani The present study was conducted during growing season 2013-2014, to investigate the effects of chelated iron (0, 50 and 10...  143 - 150 December 20, 2015 
Determination of 222Rn and 238U Concentrations in Some Selected Samples of Rock for Sulaimani Area (Kurdistan Region-Iraq) Kamal O. Abdullah Different rock samples collected from the Mountains located to the west and north of Sulaimani district. Solid state nuclear track detector technique, CR-39 passive detectors included  63 - 74 December 20, 2015 
The Impact of Kishk Components on the Physiochemical and Sensory Properties of Kishk Mohammad wajeeh Zainulabiden*, Tara Abdul-Rahman Ahmed*,Awaz Omar Rostam* Two varieties of wheat, Bakrajo (durum) and Aras (bread wheat) were used to prepare two sizes of burgul which used as a components in Kishk mixture. Kishk was prepared in two groups of mixtures..  27 - 36 December 20, 2015 
Improved Driver Drowsiness Monitoring System using Real-time Eye Blinking Method Aree A. Mohammed1, Mohammed Q. Kheder1 and Azhee W. Muhammed3 Drivers with a diminished vigilance level suffer from a marked decline in their perception; recognition and vehicle control abilities and therefore pose a serious....  9 - 18 December 20, 2015 
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