Hybrid Bees Algorithm to Solve Aircraft Landing Problem

Hybrid Bees Algorithm to Solve Aircraft Landing Problem

Tariq S. Abdul-Razaq1 & Faez H. Ali1

1 Mathematic department, College of Sciences, University of Al-Mustansiriya, Baghdad, Iraq

 e-mail: dr.tariqsalih@yahoo.com

Article info
Original: 04 Oct. 2014
Revised: 29 Nov. 2014
Accepted: 10 Dec. 2015
Published online:  
             20 March  2015

Key Words:
Aircraft Landing Problem
Swarm Intelligence
Bees Algorithm


In this paper, we study the aircraft landing problem (ALP), which considered as one of a combinatorial optimization problems, in a single runway case. We present in the first part, a mathematical formulation of the problem with a linear objective function. In the second part, we consider the static case of the problem where all data are known in advance. We present a new heuristic for scheduling static case of aircraft landing; this heuristic is incorporated into Bees algorithm to solve this problem.

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Kewan Omer,
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