Enhancement efficiency of P3HT:PCBM solar cell by different treatment annealing

Linear  Optical  properties  of  Pheomelanine  pigment  extraction from red wool

1 Department of Material Science, Polymer Research Centre, University of Basrah
2 Department of Physics, College Education for Pure Science, University of Basrah
3 Department of Chemistry, Polymer Research Centre, University of Basrah

e.mail: mhamdto@yahoo.com 

Article info
Original: 20 Nov. 2014 
Revised: 5 Jan. 2015 
Accepted: 25 Jan. 2015
Published online: 20 March 2015

Key Words:
thin film 
Repeat-spray method 
Optical properties 


The aims of this research are the extract of Pheomelanine pigment from red wool and
prepared of it as a thin film by repeat-spray method. We study the optical properties of
the  Pheomelanine  thin  film  such  as  the  absorbance  (A),  Transmittance 
coefficient  (α),  refractive  index  (n)  and  extinction  coefficient  (k).  We  calculate  the
energy  gap ( Eg), Urbach tail (Eu), oscillator energy (Eᵒ), dispersion energy (Erefractive index (nᵒ), static dielectric constant (ε
ᵒ) and spectra moments (M-1and M-3)

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Kewan Omer,
May 24, 2015, 11:07 AM