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The Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences SJES]  is an open access journal publishing blind peer-reviewed original researches. SJES journal is a 3 Per Annum - i.e. every 4 months (April, August and December) journal and  has been established since 2012 by University of Sulaimani, college of engineering and the first issue was published in 2013.

This  journal aim to provide its readers with an original engineering science researches with a newest and highest  level of  knowledge. The area of interest of SJES is engineering opinions, reviews, researches, engineering practices, case reports and engineering  case studies.

The journal accepts manuscripts either through submitting to the office of SJES journal  in collage of engineering  University of Sulaimani, or through sending the paper manuscript via the e-mail addresses as mentioned in the contact information.

Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences [SJES] would like to inform that all the author(s)  who would like to publish their papers or articles are allowed  to hold the copyright of their  papers and also and to retain publishing rights restrictions.  

The scientific work should solely belong to the author(s) and also not been  published previously in any other journal or currently sent to any other publishers. All manuscripts will be exposed to a referee process. All the published articles will be archived in hard copies and preserved at the central library of university of Sulaimani and also at the archive department office of the journal main office at collage of engineering university of Sulaimani , besides they will be available online for ever


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University of Sulaimani , Collage of Engineering,
Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences
Email   sjes@univsul.edu.iq

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